Guardian Industries

One of the world’s largest manufacturer of Float glass and Fabricated glass products and also a significant player in building material business, Guardian Industries was started in 1932 and has 49 units, including over 28 Float plants across 5 continents at present, with over 20,000 employees worldwide.     
The headquarters of Guardian industries is at Auburn Hills, Detroit, Michigan, USA. The company is also a leading supplier of Mirrors and Fibre glass insulation, as well as vehicle glass and exterior trim systems to the global automotive industry.

Gujarat Guardian

A joint venture between Guardian Industries Corp and Modi Rubber, it is the first and now one of the leading Float glass manufacturer in India, producing the ‘MODIGUARD’ brand Float glass and Mirrors.

It was set up in 1993 with its manufacturing unit at Ankleshwar, Gujarat with an employee strength of over 450.